Founded in 1837, New Albany truly came to life in the last two decades as a result of the passion and ingenuity of individuals who believe it’s not just where you live, but how you live that defines your quality of life. Christine is a firm believer in this motto and has spent countless hours decorating some of the most beautiful homes in the area. Today, New Albany is that rare location that leaves nothing to chance. Thoughtful, innovative planning and attention to detail in all aspects of daily living have created a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly community with an unparalleled commitment to education, wellness, culture and leisure that inspires and enriches families and businesses alike. New Albany is the corporate headquarters to Abercrombie & Fitch, Tween Brands and Bob Evans. Also Discover, Aetna and UBS all have a large corporate presence in New Albany. We have many professional business clients in New Albany and Christine's has been servicing the area since 1997. We call New Albany our home away from home because of how much time we've spent there in businesses and homes helping make it even more beautiful!